CPA Webinar on Building a Global Operating Model


Unlocking Hidden Opportunities With a Global Operating Model for CPA Firms

Technological advancements are driving significant transformation in today’s dynamic public accounting world. Coupled with regulatory changes, evolving client expectations, and the talent shortage, the CPA field is ripe for a major overhaul. It’s crucial that we understand exactly what is changing and what new challenges accountants face to stay relevant and agile.

This webinar will give you a ringside view of where the accounting industry is, where it is going, and how offshoring can help you ensure your firm remains resilient in this ever-changing environment.

Key takeaways to expect from this webinar:

  • What are the key drivers of change in public accounting?
  • How are the emerging trends reshaping the accounting profession?
  • How will the use of AI impact our CPA industry?
  • What are the proven ways to tackle the accounting skills shortage?
  • How to leverage offshoring & adopt a global operating model?

The webinar is moderated by Debbie Dane, VP – Strategic Account Management, Datamatics Business Solutions Inc. Debbie will be joined by panelists, John Sinclair, Former Managing Partner at Baker Tilly and Hitendra Patil, President, Global F&A Services at Datamatics Business Solutions Inc. They will share their views on the transformation in the accounting arena, how offshoring works and how it can help meet the demands of the changing landscape. The Panelists will also discuss the practical aspects of creating and supporting a collaborative offshore team.


John Sinclair

John Sinclair

Former Managing Partner,
Baker Tilly Canada
Kitchen Sinc Consulting

Hitendra Patil

Hitendra Patil

President, Global F&A Services,
Datamatics Business Solutions Inc.
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Debbie Dane

Debbie Dane

VP, Strategic Account Management,
Datamatics Business Solutions Inc.


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