What the Heck is a Meta-Consultant and Why Should Accountants Care?

What the Heck is a Meta-Consultant and Why Should Accountants Care?

For as long as we can remember, business consulting has been a siloed approach involving experts offering one-size-fits-all solutions in their nicely creased business attires and disappearing into the wilderness, leaving the client perplexed and, at times, muddled. All of that in a neatly bundled PowerPoint deck named “A Holistic Approach to {{business_case}}.” Thankfully, those days are behind us now. Consulting as a business practice has undergone a severe transformation with the advent of data analytics and technology in general. Much credit for the transformation should also go to modern businesses, which now demand a business approach that integrates technology and diverse skills.

The footprints of the shift in the consulting approach can also be seen scattered across the accounting landscape. The accounting practices worldwide have started to embrace this new breed of consultant, ‘meta-consultants.’ Accountants, with their unique skills and expertise, are integral to this new landscape. And if somehow it has skipped your line of sight, we have an enriching webinar titled ‘What the Heck is a Meta-Consultant and Why Should Accountants Care?‘ to educate you on everything you need to know about meta-consultants. The blog is a prelude to the discussion with the experts, here, we will be looking at the exact definition of meta-consultants and how accountants can and must work with them.

Let’s begin by understanding who exactly qualifies as a meta-consultant.

Who is Meta-Consultant?

In their conventional role, consultants are individuals with expertise in a specific domain. It can be finance, technology, marketing, or HR. On the other hand, the meta-consultants serve as orchestrators; they possess a deep understanding of various business functions and have the acumen to assemble a team of subject matter experts to handle any unique client need. You can think of them as the conductor of a symphony orchestra, but in the business world, with the best instrumentalists (consultants) for creating a harmonious performance (successful solution).

So, now that we’ve got a handle on what a meta-consultant is, let’s dive into what they actually do.

What Does a Meta-Consultant Do?

In simple terms, meta-consultants are responsible for identifying the connection and establishing an interconnection between various organizational functions and aligning them toward achieving organizational goals. As an accounting firm, it’s easy to have different functions working in silos, and while there is no harm in that, to grow as an organization, you need all the departments working in sync, ensuring that all parts of the business work synergistically.

Skills & Expertise of Meta-Consultant

In general, meta-consultants boast a diverse set of skills, including:

Strategic Thinking

They can align different business elements towards a common objective.

Cross-Functional Knowledge

They have expertise in different business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and human resources.

Project Management

Meta-consultants are masters of managing complex projects, depending upon the organization, which can involve multiple stakeholders.


Communication is an integral part of meta-consultants’ day-to-day functioning, and hence, they need to have excellent communication skills to liaise with different consultants and business units.

How Can Accountants Work with Meta-Consultants?

The agility of the role allows meta-consultants to work alongside any business leader. Even with accountants, there are various ways in which accountants seamlessly work with meta-consultants.

Here are some efficient ways in which we believe accountants can work with meta-consultants –

Identify Potential Partners

Accountants have the potential for significant growth and development by partnering with a consulting firm that has an impeccable collaborative approach. Speaking to multiple meta-consultants to understand and explore any possible potential partnership with them can inspire new opportunities.

Build Efficient Business Processes

Meta-consultants can help accountants and CPAs optimize their workflows and eradicate any redundancy, ensuring the process is not only efficient but also accurate, instilling a sense of confidence in the outcome.

Strategic Financial Planning

Meta-consultants have a strategic outlook, making it easier for accountants to build financial plans. They offer insights from various business functions, helping accountants create financial strategies that support long-term business objectives. This approach is integrated with other strategic initiatives, which makes it even more beneficial for accountants.

Improved Client Services

Meta-consultants help accountants and CPAs improve their services for their clients, offering them a broader perspective on business challenges. They allow accountants to offer comprehensive consultation that goes beyond conventional financial matters.

Technological Integration

Technology has a significant role to play in modern accounting. Meta-consultants are well-versed in the latest technological advancements, which makes it easy for accountants to integrate tools such as accounting software, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in their everyday operations, making them all efficient and accurate.

The Future is Collaborative: Partner with Meta-Consultants for Growth

Irrespective of your industry, the current business environment is complex and demanding. If you are an accountant or a CPA, you must look to broaden your horizons and embrace newer ways of thinking if you are to grow and thrive. Meta-consultants provide that much-needed edge to your accounting practice in the form of a unique value proposition through holistic, cross-functional insights that can transform any accounting practice. By leveraging meta-consultants’ expertise, accountants and CPAs can significantly bolster their efficiency and deliver massive value to their clients.

It’s worth mentioning that the world of meta-consultancy is still in its infancy, but its potential and impact on the accounting profession are profound. As the profession evolves, we will see new and innovative ways accountants and meta-consultants can collaborate and form a successful business strategy. If you are looking to learn more about meta-consultants, do register for our upcoming webinar or if you have any specific questions for our speakers, you can always write to us at [email protected] and we will make sure that you hear from the speakers.


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